Juice Cleanses Vs Life Force Infusions

We see your juice cleanse and we raise you a Life Force Infusion.

Our Life Force Infusion is a wellness program that enhances the nutrient density and easy digestibility of a juice cleanse with the addition two key elements: First we provide whole foods-based smoothies packed with fresh fruit, fiber and needed proteins and fats (from our original nut milk blends) to make a more balanced liquid nourishment experience. Life Force Infusions also include powerful herbal infusions that extract WAY more nutrients and life force from potent herbs like nettles, alfalfa, burdock and dandelion. An herbal tea is a tiny amount of herbs steeped for a few minutes in hot water. Our Life Force herbal infusions steep LARGE amounts of herbs in hot water for HOURS to extract ALL the beautiful benefits of these amazing plants. Learn more about the Life Force Infusion program and all the ways you can nourish yourself, better, and easier with our help.

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Smoothies for Hospitals! Boston’s Premier Rehab…

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Life Force is partnering with local health care leader Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown to improve the quality of hospital food. As part of Life Force Juice’s social mission to create healthy and delicious options in healthcare and educational institutions, we are excited to add Spaulding on as our first partner in health. Cheers!

Why Juice? Why Infusions? Why Smoothies?

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Why does Life Force offer more than just juice? What are the benefits of combining juice and smoothies and infusions? First of all, liquid nutrition is a very fast and direct way to saturate your cells with nutrients. The most universal truth about healthy eating is that getting lots of high quality veggies is fundamental. Juice is an easy way to absorb vital nutrients and to minimize the work of digestion, allowing our bodies to direct energy to restoring and replenishing.

Bicycle Delivery


Life Force Juice delivers anywhere in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. Our Juice Pedalar makes his rounds every Sunday and Wednesday evening so you have juice every Monday and Thursday.

Visit Our Mobile Locations


Life Force Juice will be serving fresh juice, smoothies and snacks at Somerville Winter Farmers Market (191 Highland Ave 10-2pm). Also, we are excited to join the wayland farmers market on Saturdays (10-2). Come try some of our delicious and nutritious juice, smoothies and treats. More locations soon to come.

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